Rather than invoking a formal structure of the IF statement alone

September 5th, 2017

 Rather than invoking a formal structure of the IF statement alone, com bined with the GOTOn state ment, the IF-THEN

op tion of fers an im me di ate and short so lu tion Com pare the two fol low ing ex am ples – both state –

ments will yield iden ti cal re sults machine bending The two ex am ples de fine the Z-axis clear ance in the cur rent sys –

tem of units (ei ther Eng lish or Met ric):

2 Example 1 – Macro control without the IF-THEN structure

#100 = #4006

Check the current units (English G20 or Metric G21)

drilling Machine

IF[#100 EQ 200] GOTO20

If the units are English, branch to block number N20

IF[#100 EQ 210] GOTO21

If the units are Metric, branch to block number N21

N20 #100 = 01

Set 01 of an inch as the current clearance (English)


Bypass Metric setting

N21 #100 = 20

Set 20 mm as the current clearance (Metric)


Start section common to both English and Metric

< Macro continues normally 锟?>

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



2 Example 2 – Macro control with the IF-THEN structure

#100 = #4006

Check current units (English G20 or Metric G21)

IF[#100 EQ 200] THEN #100 = 01

Clearance above work is 01 inch for G20

IF[#100 EQ 210] THEN #100 = 20

Clearance above work is 2 mm for G21

< Macro program continues normally 锟?>

Using the IF-THEN method makes the pro gram shorter by one half and is eas ier to in ter pret

Single Conditional Expressions

Macros sup port all six automatic punching machine avail able con di tional ex pres sions, also known as the Boolean Op er a tors

They com pare two sides of an ex pres sion:








Equal To


#I EQ #j


Not Equal To


#I NE #j


Less Than


#I LT Angle Punching #j

Less Than Or Equal To


#I LE #j


Greater Than


#I GT #j

Greater Than Or Equal To


#I GE #j

For ex am ple, the macro ex pres sion

IF [#1 EQ #2] GOTO99

will be true, only if the cur rent value of vari able #1 is the same as the cur rent value of vari able

the program to another block of the same program is unique to

September 5th, 2017

the program to another block of the same program is unique to macros – it al ways means by pass ing one or more pro gram blocks The by pass has to be done in a

selective and con trolled way, oth er wise all kinds of prob lems will take over The conditional func –

tion IF serves as a de ci sion maker be tween at two op tions The main state ment in a macro is:

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plate drilling machine

IF [condition is true] GOTOn

for ex am ple,

IF [#7 LT 0] GOTO65

If the value of variable #7 is less than 0, branch to block N65

If the above condition is true, bypass this section up to N65


Target block of the IF conditional statement

The branch ing will only oc cur if the spec i fied con di tion is true (that means the con di tion is sat is –

fied) If not, the block im me di ately fol low ing the IF state ment will be ex e cuted and no branch ing will take place

It is very cnc equipment im por tant that the tar get block of the branch ing, the one called in the GOTOn state ment

does ex notching machine ist in the same program, and is not du pli cated If nec es sary, it is pos si ble to re place the n in

the GOTOn with a vari able number or the re sult of a pre vi ous cal cu la tion For ex am ple, the fol –

low ing ex am ple is per fectly legitimate:

#33 = 65

IF [#7 LT 0] GOTO#33

If the value of angle shearing machine variable #7 is less than 0, branch to block N65

If the above condition is true, bypass this section up to N65


Target block of the IF function conditional statement

The N-address block can not be used as a vari able statement, for ex am ple N#31 is il le gal

Unconditional Branching


The GOTOn state ment can be pro grammed on its own, with out us ing the IF func tion In this

case, the macro pro gram will branch un con di tion ally, to the n block num ber spec i fied at the

GOTOn With out the IF func tion, the GOTOn state ment has no con di tion (in this case, it is called an un con di tional state ment or un con di tional branch

All given conditions must be true

September 4th, 2017

All given conditions must be true,

for the whole condition to be true



Only one given condition must be true,

for the whole condition to be true

drilling Machine


Also, there is the third func tion – the XOR ( ex clu sive OR) – func tion, but that is quite dif fi cult to un der stand at the mo ment, and is very sel dom used in a nor mal macro work

When you eval u ate a com bined con di tional state ment, al metal hole punch machine ways ask the ques tion o the con di –

tions have to be true ALL at the same time If the an swer is Yes, use the AND angle machine func tion, oth er wise use the OR func tion The for mat of in put of these func tions into a macro has al ready been de –

scribed ear lier The AND and the OR func tions are typ i cal Bi nary Func tions, be cause their re turned value can only have two states – ei ther TRUE or FALSE

Al though not al ways nec es sary, un der stand ing the Bi nary Num ber Sys tem may be help ful in

cer tain sit u a tions A brief over view of bi nary num bers is in cluded in this hand book as well – see

Chap ter 4 – Sys tem Pa ram e ters

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Concept of Loops

Loop ing is an other method of mak ing a de ci sion in the macro pro gram flow, also based upon a

spec i fied con di tion Just like the IF func tion re quires a true/false eval u a tion, looping con di tion can also re turn only True or False state

The great est dif fer ence be tween the sin gle con di tion test ing (IF) and loop ing (WHILE) is how many pro cesses are in volved – one or many

Sin gle Process

Sin gle pro cess has al ready been cov ered – the IF copper busbar machine func tion rep re sents a sin gle pro cess In or der

to un der stand the con cept of loop ing, it is crit i cal to un der stand the sim ple top-down gen eral pro –

gram pro cess, with out a loop, for any operation This is the typical pro cess used in stan dard pro –

grams, with no con di tions and no de ci sions It can be rep re sented as a ge neric step-by

Target block of the GOTOn statement

September 4th, 2017

or un con di tional jump) The range of the GOTOn state ment ( con di tional or un con di Drilling Machine for Plate tional) is only lim

ited by the max i mum of se quence

num bers avail able for the given con trol model:

drilling Machine


Four-digit sequence number

Range of n is 1-9999


Five-digit sequence number

Range of n is 1-99999

Do NOT change the block numbers if the macro contains GOTOn branch !

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Chapter 13

Fanuc sys sheet metal cutter tem will gen er ate an alarm, if the se quence num ber range is ex ceeded (Se quence No

out of range er ror ) Block des ig na tion N0 is not al lowed and will also re sult in an alarm con di tion

Du pli cate N-ad dresses in the same pro gram are pos si ble, but they are not only strongly dis cour –

aged, they may as well be out right for bid den in mac ros es pe cially Def i nitely do not du pli cate the

se quence num bers (N-num bers) in a macro pro gram

A macro ex pres sion (a vari able num ber) may also be used for the block num ber spec i fied by the

un con di tional GOTOn state ment, sim i lar to the con di tional state ment, for ex am ple:

#33 = 65

Variable #33 stores the target block number


Unconditional branching to the block N65


Arbitrarily bypass this section up to N65



Target block of the GOTOn statement

Whether used con di tion ally or un con di tion ally, the GOTOn func tion should only be used when

nec es sary There are per fectly le git i mate rea sons why to use this func tion in mac ros for branch –

ing, but try to limit its usage for branch ing and loop ing There are better func tions to es tab lish this

goal, namely the WHILE func tion

IF-THEN Option

IF [ condition is true ] Angle Punching THEN [ argument ]

Only the Fanuc con trol mod els 10/11/15 sup port the IF-THEN struc ture of con di tional test ing,

0/16/18 do not (Fanuc model 21 does) The main con cept of the con di tional IF-THEN struc ture is

simplicity IF-THEN is a short cut when only two choices are available

the branching will take place If the current values of the two variables are different

September 4th, 2017

In such a case, the branching will take place If the current values of the two variables are different, the con di tion is false, and the macro con tin ues with pro cess ing of the next block, and no

branch ing takes place

Cal cu la tion for mu las can be nested, pro vid ing the square brack ets are used correctly:

IF [#1 EQ [#2+#3]] GOTO99

CNC Plastic plate drilling machine

In this case, the cur rent val ues of vari ables #2 and #3 are summed-up first, and the re sult of the sum is com pared with the cur rent value of vari able #1 If they match, the spec i fied con di tion is

true, and branch ing will take place, oth er wise the macro con tin ues in the next block

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 13

Combined Conditional Expressions

In the more com plex cal cu la tions, two or more con di tions have to be eval u ated (com pared) The

re sult is of ten de pend ent on the re turned value of sev eral com bined con di tions For ex am ple, in

Eng lish, you may say f I have money and time, I will take a va ca tion In this state ment, a sin –

gle true con di tion is not enough – both con di tions must be true for the whole ex pres sion to be true

No ex cep tions – even if I have the money, but I have no time, I can not take a va ca tion On the

other hand, you may Dished Head Punching Machine say f I save enough money or win a lot angle shearing machine tery, I will take a va ca tion This is

a dif fer ent state ment In this case, only one expression has to be true, for me to take a va ca tion If

I save enough money, I don’t need to win a lot tery, and I still can take a va ca tion If I do win a lot –

tery, I don’t need to save money at all, and I can also take a va ca tion These state ments and ex –

pres Angle Punching sions are found in ev ery day lan guage

In macro programming, there two other func tions avail able (ac tu ally three) that can be com –

bined to eval u ate a given con di tion on bi nary num bers, bit by bit They are:


For any given con di tion, these macro func tions can be us

Application of MDTools in Hydraulic Valve Block Design

February 7th, 2017

1 Introduction
Hydraulic valve block in the importance of the hydraulic system has been more and more people know, its scope of application is also more extensive. However, the general hydraulic integrated valve block has a dense and complex three-dimensional channel system, its design and processing is a very cumbersome and very error-prone work. Nowadays, the application of computer aided design in hydraulic system design has been more and more extensive, especially in the drawing of two-dimensional drawing, which greatly improve the work  Angle Punching machine efficiency, and because of the intuition of three-dimensional design software, Hydraulic system design has also been widely used. Now, for the hydraulic system in the valve block design has a more convenient, more professional design tools – MDTools. In this paper, combined with a steel plant roughing hydraulic system transformation project, the use of MDTools software to design the hydraulic valve block, and achieved good results.

CNC Drilling & Milling Machine drilling metal

2. Hydraulic valve block of the general design steps
Hydraulic valve block design of the general steps shown in Figure 1, can be seen from Figure 1, the hydraulic valve block design, first of all, according to the requirements of manufacturers to draw hydraulic valve block 6 view, which designers have the ability to imagine the space Higher requirements, for a simple  milling drilling machine circuit can still be, if the oil is slightly more complex, it is easy to make mistakes. In the process of drilling holes, take the oil this step, the previous designers used two-dimensional or three-dimensional software, design cycle is long, easy to consider incomplete, when the valve block and a process oil hole needs to be modified, the task volume Quite large, do some repetitive work, so a waste of design time. The use of MDTools software, in the SolidWorks 3D environment, designers can easily modify the size of that failure, the revised model can be quickly reflected after the effect of the change.
3.MDTools software introduction
MDTools is a three-dimensional hydraulic manifold design software designed by VEST. Design, inspect, and generate relevant documents in SolidWorks environment. MDTools makes it easy to create complex and complex designs with the help of professional document generation, including automatic dimensioning, production and processing charts, and the ability to avoid errors. MDTools can also be used to easily connect the two cavities with effective cavity connection. The color of the cavity flow path is used to make the manifold block  drilling machine and its connection design more visual. In the design and production of products before the real, if there is an error, the design check can make you correct the error in a timely manner. The machining command allows you to automatically acquire the pocket machining data of the manifold, create a machining drawing, and embed it in a 2D drawing.
4.MDTools software in the use of hydraulic valve block design
In a steel mill roughing system hydraulic circuit in the actual oil circuit shown in Figure 2 of the hydraulic circuit, the valve used more types, the larger the number. The design requirements are as follows:
Oil P, T port must be arranged at the bottom of the valve block;
4 valves are used plate connection, the former must be arranged in the top of the valve block;
The manometric connector must be located on the front face;
Other valves can not be arranged at the bottom of the valve block;
The valve block overall weight does not exceed 500kg.

drilling metal machine

From the requirements can be drawn, the hydraulic valve block contains a large number of different sizes of light holes, threaded holes, etc., and only the use of three-dimensional geometric modeling software MDTools valve block system to build the physical model to be the most fully demonstrated CNC punching machines  Its complex internal and external three-dimensional shape, from different angles and in any profile, automatically generate multiple views and profiles, automatically determine the point on any space in the solid model of the external or internal, in order to facilitate the image of the designer Hole interference check. According to the requirements in the MDTools software design hydraulic valve block, concrete steps are as follows:
In accordance with the requirements of the oil pipeline to select the valve to determine the structure of the valve size, and the estimated size of the valve block in the MDTools software, direct input valve block length and width of high-dimensional value, you can get the shape of the valve block entities, eliminating the need for The six views of the hydraulic valve block work.
In accordance with the requirements of the valve block entity to determine the valve mounting surface and the layout of the valve position and take the oil (playing craft hole), in the course of this step, the designer selected valve valve hole can be directly from the library , And can clearly from the MDTools software entity model to visually reflect the oil path. The distance between the oil block in the valve block, the depth can be expressed from the figure chamfer tool, effectively avoiding the interference between the oil hole.
For the schematic, check the physical location of the valve and the process of hole depth, location, size. Because MDTools has a convenient three-dimensional perspective, you can view from the various side of the valve block on the hole size and size of the fixed size, as well as the interference of oil. If you find problems can be modified in time, and it is easy to redraw. Truly WYSIWYG effect. The final form of the entity shown in Figure 3, to meet the requirements of manufacturers of the valve block.

Selection and use of high – quality dispenser skills

January 20th, 2017

Selection and use of high – quality dispenser skills 1, in the purchase of dispensers need to pay attention to the amount of dispensing According to the principle of dispensing operation steel hole punch, the size of the spot diameter should be half of the pad interval, the diameter of the spot after the patch should be 1.5 times the diameter of the glue point. This ensures that there is enough glue to bond the components and avoid too much glue damaging the pads. The amount of dispensing by the screw pump rotation time to choose the length of the actual operation should be based on the production conditions (room temperature, glue viscosity, etc.) a reasonable choice of pump rotation time. 2, the dispensing pressure (back pressure) At that time the use of dispenser use screw pump supply dispensing needle hose selection of a pressure to ensure that meet the glue supply screw pump. If the back pressure when the plastic pressure is too easy to constitute a plastic overflow, glue too much; and the dispensing pressure is too small will show a discontinuous appearance of plastic, leakage, and then constitute shortcomings and other issues. Dispensing should be based on the same quality of glue, operating temperature to choose the pressure. Ambient temperature will make the viscosity of the smaller, better fluidity, then simply reduce the back pressure to ensure that the supply of glue, and vice versa. 3, dispenser needle size Dispenser in the actual work, needle diameter size should be the point of plastic dot diameter 1/2, dispensing process, the PCB should be based on the size of the pad to choose the size of the dispensing needle: pad size difference between the case , You can choose the same needle, the difference between the size of the pad is not the same as the need to choose the same needle, so that both to ensure the quality of plastic points, but also to marching production power. 4, the distance between the needle and PCB board Not the same as the use of different dispensing needle, and some needles have a certain degree of movement.


The calibration of the needle-to-PCB spacing should be done prior to the start of each job, ie the Z-axis height is calibrated. 5, glue temperature regulation Commonly used epoxy glue should be stored in 0 – 5 ℃ in the refrigerator, work should be out early 1/2 hours, so that the glue fully consistent with the working temperature angle steel machine. Glue the operating temperature should generally be 22 ℃ – 25 ℃; ambient temperature on the viscosity of a great impact on the glue, the temperature is too low will be smaller gel point, wire drawing machine appears to show. Ambient temperature difference of 5 ℃, will constitute a 50% dispensing volume changes laser cutting machine. Therefore, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature and be properly regulated. Humidity of the general environment also need to be given to ensure that moisture is too small gel point on the easy to dry, affecting the bonding force. 6, the viscosity of the glue The viscosity of dispenser glue will directly affect the quality of dispensing. Viscosity, the plastic dot will become smaller, and even drawing; viscosity is small, the plastic dot will become larger, and then be able to infiltrate the pad. Dispensing process, should not the same as the viscosity of the glue custom metal fabrication, the need to correctly select a reasonable back pressure

Pneumatic punch is mainly used in which aspects Pneumatic punch

December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punch is mainly used in which aspects Pneumatic punch is mainly used in which aspects Pneumatic punch which is the main application? Want to know more can log on: http://www CNC punching machines.ipmmc.com Applicable to all kinds of metal and non-metallic pipe, sheet metal punching areas. In this case, Machinery industry: stamping parts, stamping processing, metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts, stretching pieces, metal stretching pieces, stamping sheet metal parts.

In this case, Household goods: electronics, communications, electrical, lighting, toys, chassis, furniture, sports equipment, barbecue utensils hardware, lighting hardware, electronic hardware, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils CNC Angle Line, hinges, cotter pin, , Packaging materials, stickers, cell phone membrane, gaskets, mats, aluminum parts, terminals, speaker network Road traffic: transportation supplies, automotive / security angle bending machine, protective equipment, automobile and motorcycle accessories communications products. In this case, Office supplies: power counters, ATM teller shell, air-conditioning parts, printers, copiers racks and various types of precision sheet metal.

Pneumatic Punch on the cylinder failure solution

December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic Punch on the cylinder failure solution When the pneumatic punch on the cylinder when the fault occurs in the pneumatic punch cylinder surface coating or spraying. When the pneumatic punch cylinder surface with a large area of ​​leakage, the gap in 0.50mm or so, in order to reduce the amount of work scratching, coating process can be used. Pneumatic punch cylinder to do the anode, coated with a cathode, in the cylinder on the surface of repeated brushing electrolytic solution, coating thickness to be based on the size of the cylinder joint surface clearance drill hole in angle iron, the coating type according to the cylinder material and repair Scraping the process may be CNC marking line.

Spraying is the use of special high-temperature flame gun metal powder heated to melt or plastic state after the spray on the surface of the treated cylinder to form a layer with the required performance coating method. It is characterized by simple equipment, easy to operate coating firm, after spraying the cylinder temperature is only 70 ℃ – 80 ℃ will not cause deformation of the cylinder hydraulic metal hole punch, but also access to heat, wear and corrosion resistance of the coating. Note that in the Tu Du and spraying before the cylinder surface to be polished, degreasing, nap, Tu Tu and after spraying the coating to scratch, to ensure that the combination of pneumatic punch tight.

IPM Province tube drilling machine

December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic Punch_ Guangdong Punch manufacturers _ manufacturers Pneumatic punch. Punch manufacturers in Guangdong company is located in the geographical location of convenient transportation in Shenzhen City cnc busbar machine, Guangdong Province tube drilling machine. The company headquarters and the production plant layout is reasonable, orderly management, with good sustainable development of the basic conditions Ring Drilling Machine.

IPM company specializing in the production of pneumatic presses, high-speed series Punch (15 T-500T), and has large and a large number of NC processing equipment, precision testing equipment, and a full set of advanced physical and chemical quality control means, , CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand for resilience. In this case, Pneumatic Punch_ Guangdong Punch manufacturers _ manufacturers