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Selection of machine specifications

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

The main specifications of CNC machine tools, including table size, the travel range of the axis and the spindle motor power. The size of the table should ensure that the workpiece in the table can be successfully clamping; the effective range of the axis of the workpiece to be processed to ensure that each processed parts can be smooth
Complete the processing; spindle motor cutting process to provide the required cutting power to ensure smooth cutting. Machining center table size and the stroke of each axis has a certain proportion of the relationship, if the machine table size is 500mm x 500mm, then the X-axis travel is generally
700-800mm, Y-axis travel is generally 550-700mm, Z-axis travel is generally 500-600mm, so the size of the table to determine the size of the basic processing space.

The choice of CNC machine tools should also be considered when the interference between the workpiece and the tool change space, the table rotation and the protective cover and other accessories between the interference and machine tool table bearing capacity. In addition, the choice of spindle motor, to fit and reasonable principle, do not choose the spindle motor power is too large or too small,
Power is too small to meet the processing requirements, power is too large waste of resources.

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Monday, September 26th, 2016

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