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Punch in the growing demand for large machinery and equipment

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

According to China’s customs statistics show that 2005-2008, punch products in China’s exports is quite large. In 2008, even in the face of the impact of the global financial crisis, China’s punch exports of $ 411 million in the amount of 326 million, an increase of 26% compared to 2007 $.

On the other hand, the total demand for presses in the global market, 2009, the case of international buyers, through the purchase of the net is still under the number of stamping dies. From the annual procurement situation, tend to rise trend. Among them, the recovery in the second half of 2009, international buyers borrowed about 616 frequency), online shopping frequency, an increase of 114%, compared with 288 frequency of half.

In recent years, China’s die stamping parts exports continue to increase, which can be seen, China’s international demand for punching ability to be improved.

The basic characteristics of the punch press machine factory there are two main, one is rigid, it includes a longitudinal rigid, slider and table arch a piece of elastic elongation; and lateral stiffness, eccentric load horizontal displacement of the slider. Followed by the slider movement characteristics, including verticality, parallelism, straightness, the accuracy of the product has a great impact. Accuracy of the product not only with the press, it is material, mold, lubrication associated, can not only consider a factor. From the punch press, there is a longitudinal stiffness associated with the product in the thickness direction of the accuracy, and the deviations in the punch press are related to the element bending or parallelism of the lateral stiffness and the kinematic characteristic curve. Therefore, these characteristics can be improved, and the product can be improved in accuracy and elongation of the mold life, and the production stability is improved. Depending on the forming, forming speed and productivity, when you press these features punch must be considered. Depending on the drive mechanism, the mechanical press is: Punch Most widely processed Crankshaft punch, near the slowest switch Press the dead point, with the slider speed below the lower dead point for the high position to begin to slow down and have a High torque capacity of connecting rod presses.

Punch improved through the use of more than the implementation of the workpiece to the device

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Punch improved through the use of more than the implementation of the workpiece to the device

This paper introduces the idea of ​​arranging the movement of the workpiece by using the overrunning clutch in the process of punching transformation. The angle of intermittent movement of the workpiece, the plant has been selected Ferguson institutions (whirlwind cam intermittent body), but the angle of the punch manufacturers to change the attitude of the need to exchange power transmission gear, a new angle, you need to replace a gear, and punch And the higher cost of punch factory. In the transformation of a small punch JK23-40B design, the user requested by the one-time punch has always been changed to the plate can be changed to the angle of the circumferential stamping, 400 circumferential indexing defects less than ± 0.1. We open up new ideas, bold use of overrunning clutch to achieve this method.
1, beyond the clutch work

Beyond the clutch in the spontaneous forging press machine is the completion of the main action of the feeding mechanism, the use of its one-way to complete the rod material feed, feeding length accurate and accurate positive pole 1 with 2 reciprocating motion, driven shaft 3 do Unidirectional rotation. We use the drive shaft to turn the driven shaft by 180 ° for 180 ° and 180 ° to stop the driven shaft to achieve the desired intermittent operation.

2, transmission layout and adjustment

After the transformation of the power transmission structure by the crankshaft through the roller chain, a pair of bevel gears and a four-bar linkage mechanism, roller chain tensioning wheel tension, the clutch in the III axis, with the brake wheel, the system Moving belt to achieve intermittent movement Ⅲ axis. The angle adjustment of workpiece indexing is controlled by a four-bar mechanism, and the angle is changed by adjusting the length of 4 and 6 rods in the four links. The lever 4 is used for coarse adjustment, and the lever 6 is used for fine adjustment. The angle change can be seen from the dial.

Users need the indexing angle between 9 ° -25 °, we design the four-bar mechanism of the rod length is as follows: the length of rod 4 can be adjusted between 14-50mm, followed by changes in the length of the rod to get the desired angle, When the error is improved by the rod 6, rod 6 surface length of 200mm, can be adjusted between 160-225mm to achieve fine-tuning, connecting rod 5 length 229.5mm, frame rod length 300mm.

3, the conclusion

The use of overrunning clutch agency Ferguson agency, stamping accuracy to meet the requirements, the user acceptance, is now in production.

CNC machine tools and the difference between CNC drilling machine

Friday, October 7th, 2016

CNC machine tools and CNC drilling machine, but literally only one word difference, but the difference is essentially a lot of friends for both are not very understanding, easy to confuse, causing some jokes today, Xiaobian from the following Two aspects to explain the difference between CNC machine tools and CNC drilling machine.
First, the numerical control machine tool is the numerical control machine tool abbreviation, is one kind has to install the procedure control system automatic machine tool.The numerical control drill press belongs to the metal cutting type numerical control engine bed, mainly uses in the drilling, the reaming, reaming, tapping and so on processing. In the automotive, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, construction machinery industry, especially for long-stacked plate, stringers, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous systems of various large parts of the drilling process when the preferred.
Second, the specific classification of CNC machine tools:
1. Metal-cutting CNC machine tools, including CNC lathes, CNC drilling machine, CNC milling machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC boring machine and machining center. These machines are suitable for single, small batch and multi-species and parts processing, Uniform dimensioning, high productivity and automation, and high equipment flexibility.
2. Metal forming CNC machine tools; such machines include CNC bending machines, CNC punch press, CNC Bending, CNC rotary press, and so on.
3. CNC special processing machine tools; such machines include CNC wire (electrode) cutting machine tools, CNC EDM machine tools, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine tools, special combination machine tools.
4. Other types of CNC equipment: non-processing equipment using numerical control technology, such as automatic assembly machines, multi-coordinate measuring machines, automatic plotters and industrial robots.