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Application of MDTools in Hydraulic Valve Block Design

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

1 Introduction
Hydraulic valve block in the importance of the hydraulic system has been more and more people know, its scope of application is also more extensive. However, the general hydraulic integrated valve block has a dense and complex three-dimensional channel system, its design and processing is a very cumbersome and very error-prone work. Nowadays, the application of computer aided design in hydraulic system design has been more and more extensive, especially in the drawing of two-dimensional drawing, which greatly improve the work  Angle Punching machine efficiency, and because of the intuition of three-dimensional design software, Hydraulic system design has also been widely used. Now, for the hydraulic system in the valve block design has a more convenient, more professional design tools – MDTools. In this paper, combined with a steel plant roughing hydraulic system transformation project, the use of MDTools software to design the hydraulic valve block, and achieved good results.

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2. Hydraulic valve block of the general design steps
Hydraulic valve block design of the general steps shown in Figure 1, can be seen from Figure 1, the hydraulic valve block design, first of all, according to the requirements of manufacturers to draw hydraulic valve block 6 view, which designers have the ability to imagine the space Higher requirements, for a simple  milling drilling machine circuit can still be, if the oil is slightly more complex, it is easy to make mistakes. In the process of drilling holes, take the oil this step, the previous designers used two-dimensional or three-dimensional software, design cycle is long, easy to consider incomplete, when the valve block and a process oil hole needs to be modified, the task volume Quite large, do some repetitive work, so a waste of design time. The use of MDTools software, in the SolidWorks 3D environment, designers can easily modify the size of that failure, the revised model can be quickly reflected after the effect of the change.
3.MDTools software introduction
MDTools is a three-dimensional hydraulic manifold design software designed by VEST. Design, inspect, and generate relevant documents in SolidWorks environment. MDTools makes it easy to create complex and complex designs with the help of professional document generation, including automatic dimensioning, production and processing charts, and the ability to avoid errors. MDTools can also be used to easily connect the two cavities with effective cavity connection. The color of the cavity flow path is used to make the manifold block  drilling machine and its connection design more visual. In the design and production of products before the real, if there is an error, the design check can make you correct the error in a timely manner. The machining command allows you to automatically acquire the pocket machining data of the manifold, create a machining drawing, and embed it in a 2D drawing.
4.MDTools software in the use of hydraulic valve block design
In a steel mill roughing system hydraulic circuit in the actual oil circuit shown in Figure 2 of the hydraulic circuit, the valve used more types, the larger the number. The design requirements are as follows:
Oil P, T port must be arranged at the bottom of the valve block;
4 valves are used plate connection, the former must be arranged in the top of the valve block;
The manometric connector must be located on the front face;
Other valves can not be arranged at the bottom of the valve block;
The valve block overall weight does not exceed 500kg.

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From the requirements can be drawn, the hydraulic valve block contains a large number of different sizes of light holes, threaded holes, etc., and only the use of three-dimensional geometric modeling software MDTools valve block system to build the physical model to be the most fully demonstrated CNC punching machines  Its complex internal and external three-dimensional shape, from different angles and in any profile, automatically generate multiple views and profiles, automatically determine the point on any space in the solid model of the external or internal, in order to facilitate the image of the designer Hole interference check. According to the requirements in the MDTools software design hydraulic valve block, concrete steps are as follows:
In accordance with the requirements of the oil pipeline to select the valve to determine the structure of the valve size, and the estimated size of the valve block in the MDTools software, direct input valve block length and width of high-dimensional value, you can get the shape of the valve block entities, eliminating the need for The six views of the hydraulic valve block work.
In accordance with the requirements of the valve block entity to determine the valve mounting surface and the layout of the valve position and take the oil (playing craft hole), in the course of this step, the designer selected valve valve hole can be directly from the library , And can clearly from the MDTools software entity model to visually reflect the oil path. The distance between the oil block in the valve block, the depth can be expressed from the figure chamfer tool, effectively avoiding the interference between the oil hole.
For the schematic, check the physical location of the valve and the process of hole depth, location, size. Because MDTools has a convenient three-dimensional perspective, you can view from the various side of the valve block on the hole size and size of the fixed size, as well as the interference of oil. If you find problems can be modified in time, and it is easy to redraw. Truly WYSIWYG effect. The final form of the entity shown in Figure 3, to meet the requirements of manufacturers of the valve block.