How to carry out inspection and maintenance of precision punch

Precision punch in the long-term use Self-Adjustable Roller Stand, in addition to the need for daily (daily) check and maintenance, the use of each arrival in a week, an additional month after the need for weekly and monthly inspection and maintenance, these are not Is optional, but to ensure that the accuracy of punch, stability and service life of the necessary items, press operators must be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the implementation of the instructions. First boring drilling machine, the precision punching weekly check items and methods (weekly inspection refers to the high-speed punching job turning time to reach 60 hours after the check)

1, the high-speed press is equipped with three-point combination of cleaning, oiling. The filters of the three-point combined filter section are cleaned, and the eight-minute full-filled lubricant is injected into the oiler section. 2, on the precision punch electrical appliances connector for inspection. Determine whether or not loose the terminal fittings of precision presses drilling tapping machine, with or without oil, dust or foreign matter attached, with a timely manner must be resolved. 3, to determine the high-speed press electrical, oil and gas, pneumatic pipe is damaged and abnormal. Carefully check the high-speed press electrical, oil and gas, pneumatic pipe is damaged, broken or loose phenomenon, if any, be sure to replace the solution.

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