Pneumatic punch, punch manufacturers in Guangdong

December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punch, punch manufacturers in Guangdong, high-quality pneumatic punch IPM company specializes in producing precision CNC punching machines, high-speed series of punch (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods to achieve ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand strain capacity best mill drill machine.IPM company’s pneumatic punch steel cutting machine, the use of cylinder for working parts, the use of electromagnetic valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, simple maintenance, repair Lower cost. The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, the operation simple and convenient. The strength of the company, pneumatic punch-class equipment, product quality, reasonable price, please call to discuss!

Customers of praise Angle Marking machine

December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punch sales headquarters in Guangdong excellent quality service IPM Press Factory is a professional manufacturer of Pneumatic Presses punching machine, Guangzhou Punch Presses and Guangzhou Longmen Punching Machines. We can design the throat depth according to the customers’ requirements. It is one of the largest punching machine sales enterprises in Guangzhou. The strength of the company is that the pneumatic punch presses are well received by the industry and major Customers of praise Angle Marking machine. Pneumatic presses use advanced photoelectric protection technology, can achieve a significant increase in safety performance, computer count and program coordination, unattended processing can be achieved, greatly improving the efficiency of the work and reduce production costs. Pneumatic punch structure is simple, low production costs, the use of pneumatic technology to achieve an air compressor can also work for more than one pneumatic punching machine has good rigidity cnc drill machine, the output power, saving gas source, reliable, cheap and so on .IPM Pneumatic Punch – Guangdong sales headquarters, excellent quality service please call to discuss:

Machinery and equipment industry transformation inevitable Recently

December 26th, 2016

Machinery and equipment industry transformation inevitable Recently, the industry to discuss the development of machinery and equipment industry generally believe that the machinery and equipment industry in 2010 mainly due to high-speed growth of domestic demand to stimulate and increase infrastructure construction macro-control policies beveling machine. With the international financial crisis away, the national 4 trillion yuan investment plan is also drawing to a close, the domestic infrastructure construction market demand is showing a downward trend. From the foreign situation drill machine brands, Europe and the United States and other countries, the pace of economic recovery is slow, difficult to increase overseas purchases, coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, domestic inflation continued, leading to decline in the competitiveness of domestic machinery and equipment.

Industry forecasts, with the country’s macroeconomic environment changes, the next five years, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry growth may slow down. Guangdong Machinery Industry Association official said that the past 10 years, China’s GDP growth rate of 13% per year, while the ‘second five’ will be the beginning of a new cycle, the next five years, less emphasis on GDP Of the growth rate, the national economic growth rate will drop to 7%, 8%, it is difficult to maintain double-digit growth. In this context, mechanical equipment industry busbar machines, how to deal with this change, complete the transformation, the industry is a larger issue. Machinery industry mainly depends on the growth of domestic demand, so this year’s overall trend of the industry must see the adjustment of national macroeconomic policies, how to tilt the development of the real economy. This year the machinery industry will show the trend of low to high, and the advantages of the enterprise will be more obvious, enterprises ‘polarized’ situation will become more apparent.

The development of machine tool industry

December 26th, 2016

long way to go Recently, the machine tool industry boom, while rising, but no one has been to enhance the grasp of one hundred percent, the machine tool industry should continue to strengthen their own practice, to create a stronger self. Machine tool industry is far from its repair Xi Yuan, China’s punch industry, there are still many problems to solve the problem is our task drilling boring machine. The domestic machine tool industry there are many problems laser cutting robot arm, First, the lack of integrated technology, the lack of process systems, logistics systems integrated into a flexible manufacturing unit or production line technology; Second, the reliability and stability of China-made machine tools have yet to be improved, especially in the mass production model of this car, the contradiction is particularly prominent; Third, the domestic enterprises to service users still remain in the service stage, and the automotive industry generally require the provision of the overall process and equipment solutions. These gaps and problems should cause the full attention of domestic machine tool manufacturers bevel tools. Machine tool industry should work hard in this regard, for the disappearance of the problem without trace no comprehensive, so as to continue the next round of development.

Precision punch mold life of the length of that

December 9th, 2016

The service life of the punching die is not only dependent on the reasonable mold structure, high manufacturing precision, good heat treatment effect and correct selection of punching and punching mold installation accuracy, but also the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of the mold Link, which should note the following: Mold installation should be strictly checked before use to remove dirt, check the mold guide sleeve and mold whether the lubrication is good punch machine for Dished Head.


Regularly check the turntable and mold mounting base of the precision punching machine to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntable. According to the installation of the mold will be installed in the turntable convex and concave mold to ensure that the convexo concave mold in the same direction cnc milling machine, especially with the direction of the requirements (non-circular and square) mold more carefully to prevent the installation of the wrong Drilling Machine for H beam, Punch auxiliary equipment maintenance and maintenance include: CNC dividing head, automatic tool changer, hydraulic pressure system maintenance and maintenance.

Precision punch a new generation of centralized oil lubrication system advantages

December 9th, 2016

Precision press lubrication detection system: With the oil lubrication system and lubricating oil distribution valve of the detection device can be linked to electronic control system, time detection and abnormal stop to ensure the normal lubrication system to improve the life of the press transmission and reduce production costs Efficiency, equipment maintenance simple, to ensure the life of precision presses. Precision punch and ordinary punch through the multi-faceted comparison welding gantry, we can see the advantages: First, the accuracy Ordinary punch: a lower precision, high precision Precision punch: the accuracy is higher Second, control Ordinary punch: from the ordinary punch grades from low to high, followed by manual, foot control, numerical control.

Convenient quick mold change device (optional): Quick change mold device, which can adjust and change according to different molds. High flexibility. Easy installation and selection. Easy installation and maintenance. Shorten working time for mold change. Increase productivity, improve precision press punching. Production efficiency. Manual / Automatic Lubrication System: Forced circulation of the lubricating oil can be achieved by the centralized lubricating system of the oil, which can achieve the effect of full lubrication and reduce the trouble caused by lubrication to improve the running stability, reduce the production cost and improve the efficiency. High-performance multi-function electrical control system: with multi-functional man-machine interface, the operation easier, by the operation of the monitoring function to make it easier for customers to control punch status, automatic fault detection, automatic control with high degree of electronic link angle control , Automatic brake positioning correction angle bending machine, with the surrounding equipment to keep abreast of the machine running metal fabrication, multi-automation with remote control and management convenience, easy operation, easy expansion, easy to connect. Safety circuit design Optoelectronic protection devices: to ensure personal safety, to provide customers with the safe use of punch, to create production efficiency.

High-performance precision punch main motor: With the inverter can be speed adjustment, according to different production conditions to achieve the change in speed to enhance productivity.

How to carry out inspection and maintenance of precision punch

December 6th, 2016

Precision punch in the long-term use Self-Adjustable Roller Stand, in addition to the need for daily (daily) check and maintenance, the use of each arrival in a week, an additional month after the need for weekly and monthly inspection and maintenance, these are not Is optional, but to ensure that the accuracy of punch, stability and service life of the necessary items, press operators must be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the implementation of the instructions. First boring drilling machine, the precision punching weekly check items and methods (weekly inspection refers to the high-speed punching job turning time to reach 60 hours after the check)

1, the high-speed press is equipped with three-point combination of cleaning, oiling. The filters of the three-point combined filter section are cleaned, and the eight-minute full-filled lubricant is injected into the oiler section. 2, on the precision punch electrical appliances connector for inspection. Determine whether or not loose the terminal fittings of precision presses drilling tapping machine, with or without oil, dust or foreign matter attached, with a timely manner must be resolved. 3, to determine the high-speed press electrical, oil and gas, pneumatic pipe is damaged and abnormal. Carefully check the high-speed press electrical, oil and gas, pneumatic pipe is damaged, broken or loose phenomenon, if any, be sure to replace the solution.

Precision punch mold how to maintain

December 6th, 2016

(1) precision punch die diameter should be more than 2 times the thickness of the processing custom cnc machine, and the diameter as large as possible, the general diameter should be greater than 3MM, or easy to break, affecting the life of the mold. (2) forming the total height of the mold is not greater than 8MM, commonly used shutters of length is not greater than 75MM, pull the convex table diameter should not be greater than 65MM. (3) precision punch usually do not use the mold should be regularly anti-rust work and oil.

(4) under the mold clearance is determined according to the thickness of the processing, such as the processing of 2MM board under the mold can not be processed 3MM plate can not be processed 1MM plate CNC machine, otherwise it will increase wear and even break the mold. (5) forming station near the station is not available, because the height of the mold is much larger than the ordinary mode, the best molding process on the final, after the demolition of red. (6) molding must be used at low speed. (7) precision punching thick plate mold edge does not allow sharp corners, so sharp corners should be rounded transition, or easy to wear or collapse angle.

Precision punch mold oiling, fuel injection and the number of times by the processing of materials conditions, no rust-free materials, to give mold oil, oil with light oil. Rust and scale of the material, rust processing will enter the mold and jacket between, making the punch can not move freely, in this case, if the oil will make the dirt more easily stained, so washed this material, Instead hydraulic hole punch machine, wipe the oil clean, break down once a month, wash with gasoline, re-assembly, so that can be satisfied with the processing.

The overheating of the press motor is a common and complex problem

November 14th, 2016

Motor is the power of the motor, punch if damaged, will affect the work, but also in extreme cases lead to injury to workers. The most common faults in the use of the motor are fever and burning.

Motor overheating is a common and complex problems, including overheating winding, rotor core and bearing overheating, overheating. Overheating for many reasons, each part of the treatment were resolved and eliminated.

Cause A stator, stator winding overheat winding resistance, current will heat, motor, performance is basically the same, only the current heating. The current does not exceed the rated current, the motor winding is not overheated, the current exceeds the rated current, winding overheating, resulting in increased current winding overheating reasons. In the motor winding overheating, cause analysis from the power supply, motor and load these three aspects.

1 power supply

The voltage is too low.

The voltage is too high.

Phase integration, resulting in single-phase operation.

Knife switches, fuses, connectors in the false contact, resulting in single-phase intermittent operation.

2 motor

The phase winding wire, resulting in single-phase operation.

Winding short circuit fault.

Reduce the motor rotor speed caused by mechanical failure, cage induced current and stator current increases.

Wrong wiring, such as connecting to a star angle connection error, the motor idling is not overheating, overheating when full load. If the angular error of the star is connected, even the air may overheat. The reverse of a phase winding will overheat. Noise at the same time.

3 load

The equipment is not complete, a small horse-drawn cart.

Increased load operation, such as thresher, grinding machine feed too much, centrifugal pump flow level increase or decrease the water level, axial flow pump, lift increase.

It is a mechanical failure that raises the motor traction or sticks to a fixed electric engine overheating.

Two core, the core motor overheating is a composite pressure of silicon steel sheet insulation from each other, resulting in core overheating:

Incorrect installation of the rotor or serious bearing wear, so that the rotor and the stator core. This phenomenon is known as the “sweep chamber” or “rub the core” of rural electricians in general.

The voltage is so high that the magnetic flux, the loss of energy and the heat generated increase at the core.

Silicon steel sheet between the insulation damage, the short circuit between the chip, eddy current loss increases.

Stator winding short-circuit fault or incorrect wiring.

Bearing three, bearing at high temperature overheating is due to friction ball and outer ring generation, overheating reasons:

Lack of oil.

The excess oil or oil is too thick.

The oil is too dirty, the other small particles or oil quality is not good.

Bearing bending.

Bearing wear or other problems.

Motor shaft correction is not good or the belt is too tight, so that bearing pressure increases, friction.

The end cap and bearing are not properly installed. In addition to causing overheating of the above, we should also note that the thermal conditions do not cause the motor to overheat.

The following reasons heat is not good:

Ambient temperature is too high.
Motor internal dust too much, affecting heat dissipation.

Fan damage or volume reduction reaction of the fans.

In the long-term punch motor, often there will be a variety of failures: between the connector and the reducer transmission torque, connecting the flange surface serious wear and tear, gap connection transmission torque increases, resulting in a smooth; motor shaft bearing damage caused by wear and tear , Keyway shaft bearings such as wear. The problem of occurrence, repair of machine repair or gold-plated traditional methods, but they have certain shortcomings. High temperature thermal stress, can not completely eliminate welding repair, easy bending or fracture; and brushing coating thickness limit, easy to peel, and the two methods used in the metal, can not change the “hard hard”, all stress Of the combined effect, will cause wear and tear. In response to the above problems, the contemporary Western countries, polymer composite materials repair methods, and more applications Meijia technology products, with strong adhesion, compressive strength and excellent comprehensive performance. Polymer materials in repair applications, not only the thickness of the welding heat stress layer, repair is not restricted, the franchise of metal materials and products are not, can absorb shock and vibration equipment, to avoid the possibility of wear and extend the service life of parts , For enterprises to save a lot of time and create enormous economic value.

Punch in the growing demand for large machinery and equipment

October 20th, 2016

According to China’s customs statistics show that 2005-2008, punch products in China’s exports is quite large. In 2008, even in the face of the impact of the global financial crisis, China’s punch exports of $ 411 million in the amount of 326 million, an increase of 26% compared to 2007 $.

On the other hand, the total demand for presses in the global market, 2009, the case of international buyers, through the purchase of the net is still under the number of stamping dies. From the annual procurement situation, tend to rise trend. Among them, the recovery in the second half of 2009, international buyers borrowed about 616 frequency), online shopping frequency, an increase of 114%, compared with 288 frequency of half.

In recent years, China’s die stamping parts exports continue to increase, which can be seen, China’s international demand for punching ability to be improved.

The basic characteristics of the punch press machine factory there are two main, one is rigid, it includes a longitudinal rigid, slider and table arch a piece of elastic elongation; and lateral stiffness, eccentric load horizontal displacement of the slider. Followed by the slider movement characteristics, including verticality, parallelism, straightness, the accuracy of the product has a great impact. Accuracy of the product not only with the press, it is material, mold, lubrication associated, can not only consider a factor. From the punch press, there is a longitudinal stiffness associated with the product in the thickness direction of the accuracy, and the deviations in the punch press are related to the element bending or parallelism of the lateral stiffness and the kinematic characteristic curve. Therefore, these characteristics can be improved, and the product can be improved in accuracy and elongation of the mold life, and the production stability is improved. Depending on the forming, forming speed and productivity, when you press these features punch must be considered. Depending on the drive mechanism, the mechanical press is: Punch Most widely processed Crankshaft punch, near the slowest switch Press the dead point, with the slider speed below the lower dead point for the high position to begin to slow down and have a High torque capacity of connecting rod presses.